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      "Wish somebody would shoot that durned Orderly," muttered Si Klegg. "For two cents I'd do it myself."

      As they disappeared the Major turned to Mrs. Bolster and inquired:

      But the bees instantly rallied their forces and made a vigorous assault upon the invader. Si saw that it would be too hot for him, and without standing upon the order of his going he went at once, in a decidedly panicky state of mind. The bees made the most of their opportunity, using their "business ends" on him with great activity and zeal. They seemed to fully' share the common feeling in the South toward the "Yanks."

      "When she was good, she was very, very good,"Corporal!" shouted the Wagon Master with infinite scorn. "Measly -a-month water toter for the camp-guard, order me!" and he went off into a rolling stream of choice "army language."


      Pen tore off her sun-bonnet and rolling it up with the strings out handed it over. She sat on the man's right arm, when Don was obliged to release it. Somehow Don managed to force the twisted roll of cotton between his teeth, and with Pen's aid, passed the strings under his head and tied the gag with the knots in front. Sepulchral groans issued from beneath it.


      "'What a fool question to ask a Jew,' said he, yawning. 'Of course, you was in the clothing trade. You was born in it. All Jews have been since they gambled for the Savior's garments.'