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      "Oh, that settles it," cried the three, "we stay!"

      "Charlie," she melodiously began, but his outcry silenced her:

      You mean that you do not care for me? he asked, almost humbly.

      Thanks! she said. Where is Lilias. I thought you were playing tennis.

      For all his nonchalance and sang-froid, Varley was rather startled.As he sat upon his horse and gazed round him, he thought of his past life and all its follies. What was human ambition and all its vexing vanities worth in this vast solitude? He thought of Esmeralda, and his heart ached for his wife as only a strong mans can ache. If she were only by his side now, to share with him the mystic beauty of this scene, the solitude would then be transformed to a paradise like to that in which our forefather and foremother moved and loved.

      "He's always doing it!" laughed Hilary.What a delightful trip the duke and duchess will have, and what a good thing it is that they should both be obliged to go at this particular time!