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      Monty Scruggs stepped up on the mound and recited "Bingen on the Rhine" in his best school-exhibition style. The delight of the rebels was boundless.Thenceforward the whole character of the election was changed. The Poor Man's Loaf was forgotten as completely as the wheat-tax which should make the farmer rich. Six-pound householders became as uninteresting as anybody else who had not a vote. Nobody cared a damn whether the poor were educated at the nation's expense or not. The conflict raged blindly, furiously, degradingly round the Scott's Float toll-gate.

      Marvor hissed and at the same time shook his head like a master. The effect was not so much frightening as puzzling: he was a creature, suddenly, who belonged to both worlds, and to neither. "A master is one who does what he wants," he said. "If I do what I want, am I a master?"

      "Every one o' them true-blue, all wool and a yard wide. Captain," said Si.

      That was certainly human: centuries of bloody experience proved it. But the Confederation didn't want to recognize human nature. The Confederation didn't like slavery.

      "Oh. Lord. Oh, my.""No," answered Shorty, as he rubbed the whittlings from his plug to powder in the hollow of his hand.


      "But it seems that there's a regular riot going onquite a number of people have been hurt, and two ploughlands trodden up. Kadwell went over, but says he can do nothing.""No. We looked around for others, but couldn't find none. That's what kept up so long."