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      "That's Jim Meddler's ," he said. "I'll know it, because his mother's name's on the envelope. Here goes Pete Irvin's . I know it because it has his wife's name on it."

      "'They wasn't Jews what gambled for Christ's clothes,' said I, picking up a little courage. 'They vass RomansItaliansDagoes.'34

      "Am I a soldier of the cross?"

      "We went to sleep nice and comfortable, under a wagon last night," said Shorty, slowly recalling the circumstances. "The two Lieutenants and the Orderly had the upper berth, and we slept on the ground-floor.""Which o' you boys got my kittle?" he inquired, walking along the line.


      "Come on to camp, Si. That's no place to sit down."CHAPTER VII. AFTER THE FIRST DAY



      Being as wet as they could be, they did not waste any time about crossing streams. The field officers spread out and rode squarely at the most promising crossings in sight. The men watched their progress, and took the best they found. If the water did not get above the middle of the sides of the Colonel's medium-sized horse, they took off their haversacks and unbuckled their cartridge-boxes, and plunged in after him, the shorter men pairing off with the taller men, and clinging to them.THE END OF THE BATTLE OF CHICKAMAUGA.