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      Yes, yes; we will go, said Trafford. He kissed Esmeraldas hand. She turned, as she left the room, and looked at[165] both men. There was the same appealing expression in her eyes as they rested upon Trafford.

      The gold diggings? said Trafford, naturally thinking of Esmeralda. Where?The following evening Esmeralda stood in the center of the dressing-room, with the two maids and Lady Wyndover in a circle round her. She was fully dressed, and upon her white arms and neck glittered and sparkled the set of diamonds and pearls which they had bought in Bond Street.

      But no one wanted any more faro. Playing for a live child had exhausted even their capacity for excitement.When he found she did not speak, he turned to the door and unlocked it. Even then he paused.

      The men exchanged glances and their faces fell. It was all very well to value their Esmeralda at two thousand or two million, but it suddenly broke in upon them that they might not have even the paltry two hundred.Mr. Pinchook nodded.

      I thought youd like to be dressed in good time, my lady, so that you can go down to the drawing-room before the party arrives. Of course, youll wear white velvet with the diamonds and sapphires?


      Certainlycertainly! said Lord Selvaine, answering for Trafford, who looked sadly at the carpet.


      A cheer, such as had never been heard even in Three Star, threatened to lift the roof off the Eldorado, and Varley, drawing Esmeraldas arm within his, succeeded, after many herculean efforts, in getting her through the throng and into the open air.


      He opened the old mail-sack as he spoke, and disclosed to the gaze of the astonished crowd a little child. It was asleep, and as peacefully and soundly as if it were in a satin-lined cradle.