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      On hearing that there was a child, our client, Mr. Gordon Chetwynde, executed a will, leaving the whole of his immense and colossal fortune to her.

      Let us go, she said in a low voice. They would not like us to watch them.

      Then it is settled! exclaimed Lady Wyndover. Oh! Im so happy! Fancy! Duchess of Belfayre! My dear child, you dont realize what it means! Youll be one of the leaders of society! One of the most powerful women in Londonand London is everything! With your money and his rank you can become a queen of society! Oh! I am so glad!

      I dont remember, said Esmeralda, innocently; but hes very kind; I like him.

      Esmeraldas heart beat tumultuously. His voice, his mannernow so full of life and spiritaffected her strangely. She could not look at him, but gazed straight before her; and as she lookedthrough a mist, as it wereshe saw a tall, graceful girl, with flaxen hair and blue eyes, coming toward them, on the arm of Lord Blankyre. It was the lady whom she had saved in the park.


      But what, my dear Traff? You dont imagine that the millions are to be obtained without certain disadvantages? Bah! Of course there are disadvantages! But you must swallow them. They will be sugared pills, anyhow! Think of two millions! It will redeem Belfayre; it will restore the house to its old stability; it will be the making of us! Yes, Traff, you will have to marry Miss Chetwynde!Yes, said Norman. But youve got the better of them. Varley will have had his ride for nothing.


      Esmeralda climbed up to the front seat without any assistance from Trafford, and they drove off. He glanced at her. She wore a neat little felt hat and a sealskin jacket, and she looked, even to his critical eyes, perfectly dressed and workman-like.


      The doctor turned the men out, and went with Mother Melinda to the bedside. Trafford withdrew to a little distance from the hut, and sat with his face hidden in his hands, and Norman and Varley leaned against a tree and waited silently for a time. Then Norman said, with difficulty, as if there were a lump in his throat: