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      "And here," said Calverley, unfolding the royal grant, "is the deed that transfers the king's villein to his late and rightful lord."

      She got up and overturned a tray of pens in her eagerness to write to Julia. This, of course, gave fresh provender to her mothers intuition. She could put two and two together as well as most people, and hardly ever failed to make the result five. It was quite obvious that Mr Silverdale had proposed to Alice, and that in consequence Mrs Fysons ill-founded expectations for Julia had fallen as flat as a card-house. No wonder Alice could afford to forgive her friend."By my faith, cousin," said he, addressing Thomas of Woodstock, "yonder are the varlets! Do you see how bravely their pennons are waving, and how, here and there, among their black heads, something bright glitters in the sun?"

      "By saint Nicholas!" said he, pushing back the sleeves of his jerkin, and extending his long sinewy arms, "the first man of ye that lays a finger on Wat Turner, had better have shrieved himself; for there is that in this hand (clenching his fist in the face of the man who was nearest, and speaking through his set teeth)there is that in this hand will make ye remember!"

      I saw nothing hungry about his face, said Alice, with decision. He looked so rapt and far-away as if anything like food was the last subject he would think about."WeI can't."

      "Oh yes," replied Calverley; "there will be fine feasting, and I will see, Byles, that you do not lack the best. Who knows but your dame may yet nurse the heir of this noble house."





      Chapter 12