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      "Silence!" again roared the Sergeant. "One more word, sir, and I will tie ye up, fer a fact!"

      "It's damp there," she objected.

      "What the devil's that?" asked Shorty.

      2. That whenever the Mass is administered, He, the living Saviour, is again sacrificed and put to death.

      "Gi' me that cartridge," he said to the man next to him, who had just bitten off the end of one; "I can't do it."


      While the discussion was going on Si had been studying the appearance of the prisoners. In spite of their being enemies his heart was touched by their comfortless condition. Not one of them had an overcoat or blanket. The Sergeant and a couple of others had over their shoulders pieces of the State House carpet, which had been cut up into lengths and sewed together for blankets. Another had what had once been a gaudy calico counterpane, with the pat tern "Rose of Sharon" wrought out in flaming colors. It was now a sadly-bedraggled substitute for a blanket. The others had webs of jeans sewed to gether.


      "Where no storms ever beat on that glittering strand"And Jim Pocock," put in Shorty, seeing the drift. "He's gone home with a bullet through his breast. His folks are pretty poor. Why not send him 0 the same way?"


      Si's conscience smote him for calling Shorty from his duty and leaving the post unguarded, but the temptation was too strong for him to resist, and he yielded to the impulse to take the chances. Shorty came on the run, with eyes wide open, thinking his comrade had discovered some rebels hanging around.