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      He stood for a moment or two with bowed head, his breath laboring, his face dark.

      drop it, Taffy! he said in his listless way. Youre interfering with the gamewith the game, do you hear? as if he were charging Taffy with something little short of sacrilege. Come out of it, and go and get a drink.Trafford put his hand up against the side of the door, as if to grasp at something.

      "Yes, but wouldn't you-all as soon drive round by Carondelet Street?" A gesture with his hat showed a piece of manifold writing in his fingers.

      Three Star! That place in Australia?

      Lady Wyndover sunk into her chair and laughed again.The word came direct from her breaking heart, but, because of its very intensity, it was low and subdued.

      Yes, you are small, said Esmeralda. You are like a little girl. I believe I could carry you in my arms like a child.

      The lover faced his cousin so abruptly that all started and laughed, while Anna turned to her kindred, as red as a rose. "Adolphe," cried he, "I'm going for my marriage license. While I'm getting it, will you--?""You, dear, and whoever is suffering the same--"


      "Yes," said Flora, "you know it. And I had never allowed myself--"[305]


      "No one ordered it. It was a senseless mistake. Some private soldiers who knew that my lines of survey passed through the house--"


      "It's made, Anna Callender, and it makes me fair to you at last.""No, I know what counts for more than all the rest; I know you're a terror to him."